15° Professional

Sonic+ Handpiece
for All Angle

Dental Care

Designed in Hong Kong

Beautiful Title

Intelligent dumbbell shape design enhance advance cleaning of interdental surface areas


Patented design caring all angle and critical areas


The design of Initial C handpiece simulate dentist's  clinical practical needs. Holding the handpiece by only using three-finger gestures, together with wrist rotation, allows retractable and flexible control that  accurate access to different angle.

The 15-degree contra-angle , Initial C handpiece combine with patented design 30-degree AngleCare brush head, provides effortless access to hard-to-reach areas that normal toothbrush simply can’t match. The slim, lightweight handpiece with blue LED offers excellent visibility and high operability, creating more space between adjacent teeth and the handpiece body.

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InitialC believes everyone deserve a beautiful smile. We are obsessively passionate in research and development of valuable and useful dental tools to help everyone keep their healthy teeth and gums from bacterial invasion.  We care about your needs and our mission is to keep you smile on every single day.


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