Patented design for all angle and

critical areas

The patented design of the Initial C AngleCare, with inverted V-shape bristles arrangement, allows easy access to the distal areas of the molars or the difficult cleaning areas of the aligner, remove the plaque on the tooth surface that conventional brushes could never reach.

The patented inverted V-shape bristles design of the Initial C PerioCare, with very strong scraping ability, it can be closely attached to the surface and around the teeth and remove the plaque adhered to the teeth, implants or wire brackets easily.

Initial C AngleCare

Advantages with Initial C AngleCare

Smart design, drastically increase efficiency and effectiveness 

Initial C AngleCare's unique design brush head together with the barb-shaped bristles, can easily access to the distal surface of the posterior molar, edges of the teeth, or the hard-to-clean areas of the bracket in which conventional toothbrush could never reach. Through normal brushing action, the Initial C AngleCare can thoroughly scrape off the bacteria to prevent the accumulation of plaque that cause to tooth decay or poor oral hygiene. 

Conventional Toothbrush


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